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Escape Pod Media is a video production company making fun, exciting video content.
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Saving you from boring video.

here At Escape Pod Media we're clane mad for the perfect image!

when we catch 'em, This is where we keep 'em 

These are a collection of photographs shot on digital and film over many years.

I'm using the photo portfolio site 500px to host the images and so far I'm very impressed with its functionality and presentation.

I'll be adding to the collection frequently so please follow me and join our newsletter:

Here is a collection of my Instagram photography shot for the most part on my Galaxy S5.

Instagram is great. being image mad it's definitely one of my favourite social media sites and an amazing place to share photos captured on the hop as well as sharing some of the weird ideas and cartoons that float around my head.

Here's where I keep all that. This is basically my brain. You're welcome

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